Who is S2 Lightscapes LLC?

S2 Lightscapes LLC specializes in ultra water-efficient irrgation systems and ultra energy-efficient lighting systems. Our goal is providing our customers with the most cost-effective systems available today for the best value both short and long term.



We specialize in retrofitting existing irrigation systems with more water-efficient nozzles and sensors, saving you money on your water bill. CLICK HERE for more info on MP Rotator Nozzles

NEW for 2012 - Service Plans 1 & 2 Click for Details!

Now Offering LED Retrofitting!

LED fixtures last up to 20 years and use 75% less energy than regular bulbs. Never change bulbs and save energy! The LED products we install have a nice warm light, not the nasty blue light you may have seen with other LED lights. The pictures to the right are from an entirely LED project.

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Why Choose S2 Lightscapes?

  • Lifetime warranty on installation of landscape lighting systems

  • Only quality products used...nothing from "big box" hardware stores

  • Minimum product warranty of 10 years, up to lifetime warranty
  • We have hands-on training by lighting manufacturers

  • We always spec the most efficient products to save you money over the long term


  • We always return phone calls within 24 hours during business hours
  • Irrigation systems installed without trenching through turf
  • Irrigation systems utilize smart control systems to prevent waste and unecessarily high bills
  • We always use silicone-filled wire nuts for a lifelong connection
  • 2 Year Warranty on Irrigation Labor, twice the industry average